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Patron Saints of Special Needs

Saints usually become patrons of countries, professions, and special needs through popular devotion rather than by any official designation. They may be closely associated with the history of a country, or have been engaged in some form of work associated with a particular profession, or have performed certain ministries or healings related to special needs.

  • Barren Women: Anthony of Padua, Felicity
  • Beggars: Martin of Tours
  • Blind: Odilia, Raphael
  • Blood Banks: Januarius
  • Bodily Ills: Our Lady of Lourdes
  • Cancer Patients: Peregrine of Auxerre
  • Convulsive Children: Scholastica
  • Deaf: Francis de Sales
  • Desperate Situations: Jude, Rita of Cascia
  • Dog Bites: Vitus
  • Epilepsy: Vitus, Willibrord
  • Eye Diseases: Lucy
  • Falsely Accused: Raymond Nonnatus
  • Headache Sufferers: Teresa of Avila
  • Heart Patients: John of God
  • Invalids: Roch
  • Learning: Ambrose
  • Mentally Ill: Dymphna
  • Orphans: Jerome Emiliani
  • Poor: Anthony of Padua, Giles, Lawrence
  • Possessed: Bruno, Denis
  • Rheumatism: James the Greater
  • Searchers of Lost Articles: Anthony of Padua
  • Sick: Camilus of Leillus, John of God, Michael
  • Snake Bites: Vitus
  • Throat Ailments: Blaise
  • Women in Labor: Anne