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Daily Journal

March 5 – Addendum

It has been eight months since I returned home from the UK and though I intended to add these comments much earlier, every time I sat down to do so the memories of my trip were so overwhelmingly bittersweet that I have found it an impossible task until now.

Having once turned my dream of visiting the UK into reality, I now struggle to believe that I can make it happen again sometime in the future. There are so many places that I need to see still, there are so many places that call to me to return.

I am extremely fortunate in having friends that understand the indescribable longing to return to my heart's home and present me from time to time with little gifts of photographs; places they have visited, solely because I asked them to go and take a picture for me.

So now I can see the marvelous stained glass window at Ripon Cathedral that called to me from across the room, and I have seen the reason for the copper beech, under which I sought a moment of solitude at Barnard Castle, being called "copper." And I have seen Northumberland dusted with snow.

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