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June 24 – The Birds and the B's
On the Road Again: Leaving Feversham

A very full day. Full, but never hurried nor harried. We are up and moving early this morning, carrying (and dragging) our luggage down the stairs and out into the car park before breakfast. The car park is full this morning; all available space is taken, with cars angled in haphazardly. Robin points out a red van with fresh scratches and white paint down the side. The white brick column on one side of the drive is marked with red paint. Someone has obviously had a very difficult time.

This is the only drawback to Feversham, the difficult parking, and I am glad that I'm not the one doing the driving. Robin seems a little concerned and hopes aloud that everyone leaves before we do to make our own departure easier.

Our last excellent breakfast in Feversham's Victorian dining room, a quick check of our rooms to make sure we haven't forgotten anything and then it's off we go. But there are great goings-on in the car park. A huge teddy-bear of a man is behind the wheel of a car that looks tiny with him in it, and his companion is directing him with hand signals and words in a language we can't identify. "Good job" is easily translated though, as he backs into the street without mishap. We stand on the sidewalk and applaud his accomplishment. They smile and wave as they drive away.

It's a little chilly and my hands find their way into the pockets of my rain jacket where fingers find the key to my room. I quickly dash back inside and hand it over to a most appreciative Mrs. Humphries. She and her husband follow me back outside and Nick takes a group shot of us before our final good-byes.

Now it's Robin's turn to tackle the obstacle course that is Feversham's car park. With Dana standing at the back of the car and me at the front, it's a painfully slow process. I know Robin has visions of incurring scratches with white paint down the side of our car too, so we are very, very cautious in directing her. As she successfully pulls out into the street, we congratulate ourselves as heartily as we applauded our fellow traveler just moments before, and are on our way.

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