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This is the text-only/accessible version of The Merkat Cross.

The merkat cross, found in most ancient towns of note in Britain, was the location where the public market was held.

Merkat Cross - A Medieval Marketplace, a sister-site of Mostly Medieval - Exploring the Middle Ages, is an affiliate of several of the most trusted and reliable merchants online.

Each "merkat" section has age appropriate ratings noted, where provided by the distributor. The Editor's Picks section features reviews of selected books, music and more, written by the Webmaster of the site.

Fiction: Stories, novels and series set in the Middle Ages or in medieval-styled worlds.

Non-Fiction: General overviews and in-depth studies of subjects relating to life in the Middle Ages.

Music: Authentic music from the Middle Ages, and genres stemming from and complementing the medieval era.

Films: Movies, television series and documentaries about or set in the Middle Ages.

Costumes: Medieval themed costumes, clothing and accessories; great for Halloween, parties, plays and Renaissance fairs.

Magazines: Magazines with featured articles about England, Scotland, military history, travel, herbs and more.

A navigation menu appears on each page; an alternate means of navigating to the main sections is with access keys.

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