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Fiction for Middle Grades

Fiction set in the Middle Ages or medieval-flavored worlds for Middle Grades. Middle Grade readers are classified as ages 9-12, though some of these selections are appropriate for advanced Early readers, and enjoyed by Young Adult readers and adults.

  • Adam of the RoadAdam of the Road
    Elizabeth Gray

    The adventures of eleven-year-old Adam as he travels the open roads of thirteenth-century England searching for his missing father, a minstrel, and his stolen red spaniel, Nick. A Newberry Award book.

    Paperback: 320 pages

  • Crispin: The Cross of LeadCrispin: The Cross of Lead

    A backward and sheltered peasant boy is forced to flee for his life when secrets from his past put him in conflict with the local steward, a vicious man who declares the boy to be a "wolf's head," someone who can be killed without remorse or repercussion. When his mother dies, the boy's sole legacy is a mysterious lead cross, given to him by the local priest and inscribed with words he can't read. With the help of his newfound master and friend, the boy strikes a blow for the downtrodden.

    Paperback: 320 pages

  • The Door in the WallThe Door in the Wall
    Marguerite de Angeli

    As the son of a nobleman, Robin's destiny is changed suddenly when he falls ill and loses the use of his legs. When the great castle of Lindsay is in danger, Robin discovers that there is more than one way to serve his king.

    Paperback: 128 pages

  • DragonslayersDragonslayers
    Bruce Coville

    A brave squire, an earnest page, and a strong-willed princess set out, each for individual reasons, to try to slay the dragon created to carry out a witch's revenge. Now if only the dragonslayers could stop arguing long enough to face the greatest battle of all!

    Paperback: 128 pages

  • The Edge on the SwordThe Edge on the Sword
    Rebecca Tingle

    In ninth-century Britain, fifteen-year-old Aethelflaed, daughter of King Alfred of West Saxony, finds she must assume new responsibilities much sooner than expected when she is betrothed to Ethelred of Mercia in order to strengthen a strategic alliance against the Danes.

    Paperback: 288 pages

  • Protector of the Small SeriesFirst Test
    Tamora Pierce

    In the imaginary kingdom of Tortall, 10-year-old Keladry, known as Kel, is the first girl to take advantage of the decree that permits girls to train for the knighthood. First book in the Protector of the Small series.

    Paperback: 240 pages

  • Girl in a CageGirl in a Cage
    Jane Yolen

    As English armies invade Scotland in 1306, eleven-year-old Princess Marjorie, daughter of the newly crowned Scottish king, Robert the Bruce, is captured by England's King Edward Longshanks and held in a cage on public display.

    Paperback: 240 pages

  • Goblins in the CastleGoblins in the Castle
    Bruce Coville

    Toad-in-a-Cage Castle was filled with secrets – secrets such as the hidden passages that led to every room, the long stairway that wound down to the dungeon, and the weird creature named Igor who lived there. But it was the mysterious night noises that bothered William the most – the strange moans that drifted through the halls of the castle where he was raised. He wanted to know what caused them. Then one night he found out . . .

    Paperback: 176 pages

  • The Hunting of the Last DragonThe Hunting of the Last Dragon
    Sherryl Jordan

    In this story within a story, Jude, a young, illiterate peasant at a monastery in 1356 England, tells the events that occurred during a journey taken with a young Chinese noblewoman, as they set out to kill the last fire-breathing beast.

    Paperback: 256 pages

  • Into the Land of the UnicornsInto the Land of the Unicorns
    Bruce Coville

    When Cara Hunter leaps from a church's bell tower clutching her grandmother's magic amulet, she falls into the land of Luster, home of the Dimblethum, delvers, dragons, the Squijum, and lots of unicorns.

    Paperback: 176 pages

  • The Lost Years of Merlin seriesThe Lost Years of Merlin
    T.A. Barron

    Follow Merlin through boyhood and coming of age on the mythical island of Fincayra in ancient Wales as he embarks on adventures and quests of self-discovery. First book in The Lost Years of Merlin series.

    Paperback: 304 pages

  • The Midwife's ApprenticeThe Midwife's Apprentice
    Karen Cushman

    An abandoned young girl barely surviving in 14th century England finds a new home with a midwife and studies to be an apprentice – but lack of confidence one day causes her to flee her newfound home and ambitions. Her struggle to return to a meaningful life and world makes for a realistic, absorbing story.

    Paperback: 128 pages

  • Queen's Own FoolQueen's Own Fool
    Jane Yolen

    When twelve-year-old Nicola leaves Troupe Brufort and serves as the fool for Mary, Queen of Scots, she experiences the political and religious upheavals in both France and Scotland.

    Paperback: 400 pages

  • Redwall seriesRedwall
    Brian Jacques

    The Redwall series centers around Redwall Abbey, a large red sandstone building set in mythical Mossflower Woods. The heroes are peace-loving creatures who exhibit human characteristics in a medieval setting. They face villainous counterparts in the animal world in a day-to-day struggle of good versus evil. First book in the extensive Redwall series.

    Paperback: 352 pages

  • The Road to BalinorThe Road to Balinor
    Mary Stanton

    Only Princess Arianna and her unicorn, Sunchaser, can save the mythical kingdom of Balinor from the dark forces of evil. First book in the Unicorns of Balinor series.

    Paperback: 144 pages

  • School of WizardrySchool of Wizardry
    Debra Doyle

    A young squire named Randal leaves his home to become a student at the School of Wizardry. In his journey from sorcerer's apprentice to journeyman wizard, Randal encounters endless danger and ruthless enemies. First book in The Circle of Magic series.

    Paperback: 144 pages

  • Song Of The WandererSong Of The Wanderer
    Bruce Coville

    Having jumped into Luster, the land of unicorns, Cara makes a perilous journey to bring back her grandmother, The Wanderer, in order to release the Queen of the unicorns.

    Paperback: 336 pages

  • The Tale of DespereauxThe Tale of Despereaux
    Kate Dicamillo

    The adventures of Despereaux Tilling, a small mouse of unusual talents, the princess that he loves, the servant girl who longs to be a princess, and a devious rat determined to bring them all to ruin.

    Paperback: 272 pages

  • The Winter HareThe Winter Hare
    Joan Elizabeth Goodman

    In 1140, with England divided between the supporters of King Stephen and those of the Empress Matilda, twelve-year-old Will Belet is sent from his noble family to serve as a page in the household of the earl of Oxford. There he must confront treachery within the castle as well as danger outside its walls.

    Paperback: 276 pages