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Non-Fiction for Children

These volumes on medieval history are recommended by teachers, librarians and homeschooling moms for introducing children to the Middle Ages, or for further exploration for children who have an interest in the era. Cover art may vary.

  • The Making of a KnightThe Making of a Knight
    Patrick O'Brien

    Children step into the world of the 1400s, complete with kings, queens, ladies, castles, and silken flags flying, and learn about serving the king, chivalry, weapons, and suiting up for battle. Generously illustrated with detailed oil paintings. For ages 4-8.

    Paperback: 32 pages

  • How Would You Survive In the Middle AgesHow Would You Survive In the Middle Ages
    Fiona MacDonald

    Begins with a map and basic facts about the Middle Ages, then moves on to specific subjects including home, family, food, clothes, sports and games, illness and more. For ages 9-12.

    Paperback: 48 pages

  • Coat of ArmsCoat of Arms
    Catherine Daly-Weir

    Why did knights of the Middle Ages have coats of arms? What did the different symbols and colors mean? Could anyone have one? Even girls? Here's a fascinating first look at heraldry with an accompanying stencil so that readers can create a shield with their very own coat of arms. For ages 9-12.

    Paperback: 32 pages

  • If You Lived in the Days of KnightsIf You Lived in the Days of Knights
    Ann McGovern

    The setting is England, 1250. It is an intriguing and superstitious world of magic spells, brave knights, and magnificent castles. But, for many, life is very difficult. Through a simple question and answer format, this book explores many fascinating aspects of the Middle Ages. For ages 9-12.

    Paperback: 80 pages

  • Women in Medieval TimesWomen in Medieval Times
    Fiona MacDonald

    Discusses such subjects as the role of women at home and at work, health and beauty, and famous individuals, with emphasis on women in villages and towns and noblewomen. Numerous photographs and reproductions of period art and artifacts. For ages 9-12.

    Hardcover: 48 pages

  • Clothes of the Medieval WorldClothes of the Medieval World
    Christie Hatt

    Looks at how fashions changed as trade, travel, and inventions opened societies to new influences and a greater choice of fabrics and styles. From stately royal robes to simple tunics and leggings, stunning detailed artwork on every page recreates the clothes worn in medieval times. For ages 9-12.

    Hardcover: 48 pages

  • The Middle Ages A Watts Guide for ChildrenThe Middle Ages: A Watts Guide for Children
    William Jordan

    Well-written, alphabetically arranged entries discussing major events, people, places and practices around the world from 500 to 1500. A colorful photograph, reproduction, or drawing accompanies almost every article. For ages 9-12.

    Paperback: 112 pages

  • Archers, Alchemists and 98 Other Medieval JobsArchers, Alchemists and 98 Other Medieval Jobs
    Priscilla Galloway

    Fascinating and original guide presents 100 careers, described with historical accuracy. Sidebars detail intriguing elements of medieval life, including the Bayeux Tapestry, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, medieval cosmetics, and torture techniques. Richly detailed with humorous illustrations. For ages 9-12.

    Paperback: 96 pages

  • The Atlas of the Medieval WorldThe Atlas of the Medieval World in Europe
    Neil Morris

    Illustrated survey of 1000 years of history. Some topics covered include: The Fall of the Western Empire, The Spread of Christianity, The Islamic World, The Feudal Kingdoms, Merchants and Bankers, Knights and Warfare, Music and Entertainment, and The Black Death. Includes detailed maps, architectural reconstructions, historical artifacts, and scenes from everyday life. For ages 9-12.

    Hardcover: 64 pages

  • Clothes and Crafts in the Middle AgesClothes and Crafts in the Middle Ages
    Imogene Dawson

    Describes clothes and crafts throughout the Middle Ages in Europe while also discussing the everyday life of the people, their technological skills, and social and economic systems. For ages 9-12.

    Hardcover: 32 pages

  • Eyewitness Medieval LifeEyewitness Medieval Life
    Andrew Langley

    Starting with a description of the feudal system that existed in much of Europe in the Middle Ages, this volume features rich photographs of artifacts, costumes, furniture, and buildings to illustrate the daily life of all classes, including peasants, royalty, craftworkers and monks. For ages 9-12.

    Paperback: 72 pages

  • Castles by Philip SteeleCastles
    Philip Steele

    Detailed illustrations bring history to life in this castle tour that covers everything from the splendor of the great halls to the hardships of living in a feudal society. Includes an illustrated glossary and a gatefold that opens up to a cutaway view of the castle, allowing the reader a up-close view of all the rooms and people going about their everyday tasks. For ages 9-12.

    Paperback: 64 pages

  • Knights by Philip SteeleKnights
    Philip Steele

    Everything a young person could want to know about knights is included: shields, scutcheons, jousts, castles, sieges, chivalry and fearless steeds, all depicted in a colorful abundance of detailed battlescapes, scenarios and maps. Topics include the knight's place in feudal society, how he trained for war, his code of honor, heraldry and armor, and famous battles. For ages 9-12.

    Hardcover: 64 pages

  • Eyewitness CastleEyewitness Castle
    Christopher Gravett

    Full-color photographs of castles around the world, plus specially built models, offer a unique and revealing view of medieval life, from a castle's construction to its destruction in a siege. For ages 9-12.

    Paperback: 72 pages