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Early Music

Chant, plainsong, troubadours, dance and more from medieval Britain and France. Authentic music from the Middle Ages.

  • The Medieval ExperienceThe Medieval Experience
    Early Music Consort of London (Box set)

    Budget priced 4-CD set with some tracks by The Early Music Consort of London. Disks titled Monks and Troubadours (I and II), Motets and Masses and Memorials. For lovers of, or newcomers to, Gregorian chant.

  • Canticles of EcstasyCanticles of Ecstasy

    The music of Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) performed by Sequentia, ensemble for medieval music. Accompanied by medieval fiddle and harp.

  • A Mediaeval BanquetA Mediaeval Banquet: Music from the Age of Chivalry
    Martin Best Medieval Ensemble

    Six-disk set with over five hours of little-known music from the mid-12th to the early 16th century. Music from France, Spain, and Italy; includes both instrumentals and vocals.

  • Earliest Songbook in EnglandEarliest Songbook in England
    Gothic Voices

    Twenty-three medieval vocal arrangements, sung a cappella by one, two or three voices.

  • Sinners & SaintsSinners & Saints:
    The Ultimate Medieval and Renaissance Music Collection

    Philip Pickett and the New London Consort

    An introduction to dance and court music of the medieval and renaissance eras.

  • The Romance Of The RoseThe Romance Of The Rose: Feminine Voices From Medieval France

    Female troubadour music from 11th - 13th century France, accompanied by authentic period instruments.

  • Dante TroubadoursDante Troubadours
    Martin Best Mediaeval Ensemble

    Eighteen 13th century songs of love and chivalry from France and Spain. Several instrumental, several a capella, and several with voice and authentic instruments of the era.

  • Lammas LadymassLammas Ladymass
    Anonymous 4

    Chants and polyphonic pieces from 13th- and 14th-century England. Includes a fifty page booklet with several illuminations, and chant "lyrics" in several languages with English translations.

  • John Dunstaple - Musician to the PlantagenetsJohn Dunstaple: Musician to the Plantagenets
    The Orlando Consort

    A collection of fifteen sacred songs by the early 15th century composer John Dunstaple (Dunstable). Sung a capella in four male voices.

  • English Medieval SongsEnglish Medieval Songs: The 12th and 13th Centuries
    Seymour Barab & Russell Oberlin

    Outstanding vocals with minimal accompaniment on authentic period instruments. Includes the four-part St. Godric Songs, Worldes Blis Ne Last No Throwe and three more selections.

  • Music for a Medieval BanquetMusic for a Medieval Banquet
    Newberry Consort

    A variety of both vocal and instrumental pieces including several dance selections performed on period instruments.

  • Songs & Dances of the Middle AgesSongs & Dances of the Middle Ages

    Lively introduction to music of the era. Liner notes include lyrics in original language with English translation.

  • MagnificatMagnificat

    Grammy winning all-male a cappella ensemble performs a diverse selection of early music, from 7th century chant to Renaissance polyphony to pieces by Baroque composers.

  • Music Of The CrusadesMusic Of The Crusades
    London Early Music Consort

    Contains a diverse selection of songs, sung mostly in French and Latin. Recruiting songs, songs of loss and longing, songs of dedication, a track attributed to Richard the Lionheart, and many more. Extensive liner notes.