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Clip Art

An affordable selection of permission-free medieval and Celtic clip art for web sites, newsletters and more. Cover art may vary.

  • 159 Celtic Designs159 Celtic Designs
    Amy L. Lusebrink

    Permission free designs reflecting the intricacies of Celtic art. Includes animal, floral and abstract designs.

    Paperback: 48 pages

  • Celtic Designs and MotifsCeltic Designs and Motifs
    Courtney Davis

    Over 100 permission free Celtic designs adapted from authentic Celtic sources. Rectangles, triangles, circles, frames, borders, corners and medallions.

    Paperback: 48 pages

  • Celtic Stencil DesignsCeltic Stencil Designs
    Co. Spinhoven

    130 stencil designs, from birds and beasts of myth and scripture to abstract motifs. All permission-free.

    Paperback: 64 pages

  • Ready-to-Use Celtic Borders on Layout GridsReady-to-Use Celtic Borders on Layout Grids

    Distinctive royalty-free graphics: 23 full-page designs, 14 half-page borders, Celtic alphabet, full page of nine spectacular animal and mythical creatures.

    Paperback: 64 pages

  • Celtic Designs CD-ROM and BookCeltic Designs CD-ROM and Book

    96 different royalty free designs feature the knotwork, stylized mythical creatures, abstracts, geometrics and other elements that give Celtic art its distinctive look.

    Paperback: 64 pages

  • Celtic Frames and Borders CD-ROM and BookCeltic Frames and Borders CD-ROM and Book

    Versatile, royalty free, immediately usable designs including knotwork, scrolls, creatures and more.

    Paperback: 64 pages

  • Celtic Borders and Backgrounds CD-ROM and BookCeltic Borders and Backgrounds CD-ROM and Book

    Over 100 beautifully interlaced Celtic designs, adapted from authentic sources. Inspired by artwork from rare pieces of jewelry, illuminated books, and other historic artifacts.

    Paperback: 48 pages

  • Celtic and Norse Designs CD-ROM and BookCeltic and Norse Designs CD-ROM and Book

    Over 200 illustrations, adapted from artwork that once graced ancient rune stones, furniture, sword hilts, and other artifacts. Includes birds, human figures, and mythological creatures, all woven into intricate spirals and knotwork.

    Paperback: 52 pages

  • Full-Color Celtic Designs CD-ROM and BookFull-Color Celtic Designs CD-ROM and Book

    116 striking royalty-free motifs include winged creatures, religious figures, serpentine scrolls, letters of the alphabet incorporating highly stylized designs, plus a variety of frames and borders.

    Paperback: 48 pages

  • Celtic Designs CD-ROM and BookCeltic Designs for Artists and Craftspeople CD-ROM and Book

    Diverse selection of more than 200 striking designs depicting elaborate spirals and weaves, exotic birds, horned beasts, mermaids, and other fanciful creatures. High-quality, royalty-free images.

    Paperback: 48 pages