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Tactics and Armies

Warfare in the Middle Ages, including siege, infantry, combat and naval warfare. Cover art may vary.

  • The Art of Warfare in Western Europe during the Middle AgesThe Art of Warfare in Western Europe During the Middle Ages
    J.F. Verbruggen

    First analyzes sources for knowledge of medieval military history, assessing their reliability, then carefully examines the parts of a medieval army – knights and foot soldiers, equipment and terms of service, behavior on the field, and psychology. Battle strategy and tactics and strategy are also explored.

    Paperback: 398 pages

  • Medieval Warfare: A HistoryMedieval Warfare: A History
    Maurice Keen

    This richly illustrated book examines over seven hundred years of European conflict, including the Viking age, the Crusades, and the Hundred Years War. Traces developments in warfare: fortification and sieges, the role of armored cavalrymen, the use of mercenary forces, the birth of gunpowder artillery, and the new skills in navigation and shipbuilding.

    Hardcover: 352 pages

  • The Cambridge Illustrated Atlas of Warfare The Middle AgesThe Cambridge Illustrated Atlas of Warfare: The Middle Ages
    Nicholas Hooper

    Debunks many myths surrounding medieval warfare to present a sophisticated military culture, with well organized armies and a high degree of tactical intelligence. Includes maps, battle plans, and pictorial essays that explore such topics as siege warfare, the use of cavalry, the development of naval warfare, medieval science and warfare, and the legacy of the Middle Ages in modern military warfare.

    Hardcover: 192 pages

  • Medieval WarfareMedieval Warfare
    Helen Nicholson

    Various aspects of warfare in medieval Europe between AD 300 and 1500 are covered, including chapters on the theory of warfare, military personnel, buildings and equipment, and the practice of warfare by land and sea.

    Paperback: 256 pages

  • Dictionary of Ancient & Medieval WarfareDictionary of Ancient & Medieval Warfare
    Matthew Bennett

    Covers 3,500 years of military history in over 2500 entries. Worldwide in scope, detailed cross references.

    Paperback: 365 pages

  • Armies and Warfare in the Middle AgesArmies and Warfare in the Middle Ages: The English Experience
    Michael Prestwich

    Explores the war experience of 13th- and 14th-century England. Filled with anecdotes and illustrations, it examines how English medieval armies fought, how men were recruited, how the troops were fed, supplied, and deployed, what new weapons were developed, and what structure was set in place for military command.

    Paperback: 352 pages

  • Medieval Naval WarfareMedieval Naval Warfare
    Susan Rose

    Explores the dangers and difficulties of medieval seafaring, revealing the exploits of the Italian city-states, England and France and examines how battles were fought from the Mediterranean to the North Sea. Includes maps and illustrations.

    Paperback: 160 pages

  • The Medieval SiegeThe Medieval Siege
    Jim Bradbury

    The history of siege warfare in Europe from the late Roman Empire to the 16th century, including sieges in Byzantium, Eastern Europe and areas affected by the Crusades. Includes chronicles and letters of the time, with first-hand accounts of danger, famine and endurance.

    Paperback: 378 pages

  • Infantry Warfare in the Early Fourteenth CenturyInfantry Warfare in the Early Fourteenth Century
    Kelly DeVries

    Examines the role of the infantry, and the nature of infantry tactics, in nineteen battles fought in England and Europe between 1302 and 1347, in most of which it was the infantry which secured victory. The battles analyzed include: Loudon Hill, Bannockburn, Crecy, Neville's Cross, and La Roche-Derrien.

    Paperback: 224 pages

  • Medieval Fighting BookCodex Wallerstein: A Medieval Fighting Book from the Fifteenth Century
    Grzegorz Zabinski, Translator

    Written during the late 14th and early 15th centuries, and one of the best known late medieval fencing treatises, this volume offers a series of fundamental counters to common attacks, using the longsword, falchion and dagger, as well as the complete system of wrestling techniques.

    Hardcover: 392 pages

  • Medieval Combat: A Fifteenth-Century Illustrated ManualMedieval Combat: A Fifteenth-Century Illustrated Manual
    Hans Talhoffer

    One of the most influential and lavishly-drawn fencing manuals of the Middle Ages available in English for the first time. The authentic fifteenth-century techniques of master of arms Hans Talhoffer are illustrated in detail, presenting not only a unique historic record but also a visual guide for modern practitioners.

    Paperback: 320 pages

  • Medieval Mercenaries: The Great CompaniesMedieval Mercenaries: The Great Companies
    Kenneth Fowler

    Examines the origins and activities of military companies that formed in the decade following the conclusion of The Hundred Years War in 1360. The author places their activities in the political and diplomatic framework of the times, highlighting their ambitions and those of the rulers who employed them.

    Hardcover: 400 pages