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Costume Accessories: Weapons and Armor

Medieval themed costume accessories and props for all ages; great for Halloween, parties, plays and Renaissance fairs.

  • Evil Dagger at BuyCostumes.comEvil Dagger

    The perfect accessory for any slayer, sorceress or hellion! A toy dagger, intended as a costume accessory.

    Evil Dagger at BuyCostumes.com
  • Evil Spear at BuyCostumes.comEvil Spear

    Great for a guard or warrior, this sturdy spear is a wonderful addition to a costume. Approximately 46" long. Comes in two pieces, handle fits together.

    Evil Spear at BuyCostumes.com
  • Evil Flail at BuyCostumes.comEvil Flail

    Perfect for a dark knight, or any warrior or barbarian costume. Plastic bone handle with leather-like strap wrap. Black cord holds three backbone vertebrae with metal-look designed spiked mace ball on the end. Approximately 31" in length. Not intended for children.

    Evil Flail at BuyCostumes.com
  • Giant Medieval Scythe at BuyCostumes.comGiant Medieval Scythe

    The perfect way to complete a deadly costume! Plastic six foot long scythe with a 20" blade. Some easy assembly required; scythe ships in three pieces.

    Giant Medieval Scythe at BuyCostumes.com
  • Giant Medieval Axe at BuyCostumes.comGiant Medieval Axe

    Six foot tall giant battle axe comes in three pieces for easy storage. Basic assembly is required. Made of a sturdy, durable plastic. The silver edge gives the effect of sharp and shiny blade. Create some medieval mayhem!

    Giant Medieval Axe at BuyCostumes.com
  • Ringwraith Sword at BuyCostumes.comRingwraith Sword

    Approximately 45 inches long, with excellent attention to detail. Not intended for use or play by children under 14 years old. This is an officially licensed The Lord of the Rings™ product.

    Ringwraith Sword at BuyCostumes.com
  • Aragorn Sword at BuyCostumes.comAragorn Sword

    This plastic sword is approximately 45 inches long, with excellent attention to detail. Not intended for use or play by children under the age of 14 years old. This is an officially licensed Lord of the Rings™ item.

    Aragorn Sword at BuyCostumes.com
  • King Arthur Sword at BuyCostumes.comKing Arthur Sword

    25-inch long plastic sword with silver-colored blade, gold-colored handle, red faux jewel and black sheath.

    King Arthur Sword at BuyCostumes.com
  • Lion Knight's Sword at BuyCostumes.comLion Knight's Sword

    This well-crafted plastic weapon is perfect for your knight in shining armor. 36-inch overall length. Recommended for ages 14 and up.

    Lion Knight's Sword at BuyCostumes.com
  • Long Sword at BuyCostumes.comLong Sword

    This quality, strong plastic sword has great detail and comes in two pieces. Four feet long when assembled. Toy weapon intended to be used as a costume accessory.

    Long Sword at BuyCostumes.com
  • Royal Sword at BuyCostumes.comRoyal Sword

    This Royal Sword is fit for a king. It has detailed engraving and stands 48" tall from tip to hilt.

    Royal Sword at BuyCostumes.com
  • Narnia Sword at BuyCostumes.comNarnia Sword

    40½-inch sword with brown handle and gold detail on blade and pommel. Made of 100% Polyvinyl Chloride. This is an officially licensed ©Disney Enterprises, Inc. product.

    Narnia Sword at BuyCostumes.com
  • Lion's Shield at BuyCostumes.comLions's Shield

    Plastic shield measuring 30" tall by 22" wide with an imposing lion's head in center and archangels along the border. Two velcro straps in back allow you to carry over your forearm.

    Lion's Shield at BuyCostumes.com
  • Narnia Shield at BuyCostumes.comNarnia Shield

    Silver shield with regal red lion emblem and silver etching with gold accents on the front. Shield is 27" long and 18" wide. Made of 100% Polyvinyl Chloride. This is an officially licensed ©Disney Enterprises, Inc. product.

    Narnia Shield at BuyCostumes.com
  • Knight Shield at BuyCostumes.comKnight Shield

    Red and blue plastic with gold rampant lion and fleur-de-lis accents. Hand straps for easy use. 18 inches wide by 24 inches tall.

    Knight Shield at BuyCostumes.com
  • Deluxe Shield at BuyCostumes.comDeluxe Shield

    Light-weight plastic shield with hand straps. Features gold-colored heraldic accent in center.

    Deluxe Shield at BuyCostumes.com
  • Knight's Breastplate at BuyCostumes.comKnight's Breastplate

    Gray, light-weight plastic armor breastplate with a faux antique finish, thin elastic shoulder straps, and waist tie. Approximately 22" across the front.

    One size fits most adults.

    Knight's Breastplate at BuyCostumes.com
  • Mail Gauntlets at BuyCostumes.comMail Gauntlets

    Historically correct from the early Middle Ages well into the Renaissance. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®.

    One size fits most adults.

    Mail Gauntlets at BuyCostumes.com
  • Knight's Sword and Shield at BuyCostumes.comKnight's Sword and Shield

    Slay dragons and defeat your enemies with the Knight's Sword and Shield. The sword is uniquely shaped and the shield sports a silver dragon crest.

    Children's costume accessories.

    Knight's Sword and Shield at BuyCostumes.com
  • Crusader Play Set at BuyCostumes.comCrusader Play Set

    Heavy-duty plastic silver-color armor includes breastplate and shield (16" x 10"), helmet with moveable face guard, and a 22" sword with removable sheath.

    One size fits most children.

    Crusader Play Set at BuyCostumes.com
  • Child's Plated Knight Helmet at BuyCostumes.comChild's Plated Knight Helmet

    This helmet has a faux chrome finish and is the perfect complement to your Roman or medieval-inspired costume.

    One size fits most children.

    Child's Plated Knight Helmet at BuyCostumes.com