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Patron Saints of Occupations

Cross referenced alphabetically by both occupation and name

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Adalhard Trypho:  Gardeners
Agatha:  Nurses
Agnes:  Young Girls
Albertus Magnus:  Scientists
Aloysius Gonzaga:  Youth
Alphonsus Liguori:  Confessors, Theologians
Altar boys:  John Berchmans
Amand:  Innkeepers
Anastasius:  Goldsmiths
Andrew:  Fishermen
Andronicus  Silversmiths
Anne:  Cabinetmakers, Homemakers
Anthony of Egypt:  Butchers, Gravediggers
Anthony of Padua:  Travelers
Apollonia:  Dentists
Architects:  Thomas the Apostle
Artists:  Luke, Catherine of Bologna
Astonomers:  Angelico, Dominic
Athletes:  Dominic
Augustine of Hippo:  Brewers, Printers, Theologians
Authors:  Sebastian, Francis De Sales
Aviators:  Our Lady of Loreto, Therese of Lisieux, Joseph of Cupertino

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Bakers:  Elizabeth of Hungary, Nicholas
Bankers:  Matthew
Bartholomew:  Plasterers
Bede:  Scholars
Blacksmiths:  Dunstan
Booksellers:  John of God
Brendan:  Sailors
Brewers:  Augustine of Hippo, Luke, Nicholas of Myra
Bricklayers:  Stephen
Brides:  Nicholas of Myra
Brigid of Ireland:  Dairy Workers, Scholars
Builders:  Vincent Ferrer
Butchers:  Anthony of Egypt, Luke

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Cabinetmakers:  Anne
Camilus of Lellis:  Nurses
Canonists:  Raymone of Penafort
Carpenters:  Joseph
Cassian:  Stonecutters
Catherine of Bologna:  Artists
Cecilia:  Musicians, Poets, Singers
Children:  Nicholas of Myra
Christopher:  Motorists, Porters, Sailors, Travelers
Clement I:  Stonemasons
Clerics:  Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother
Confessors:  Alphonsus Liguori, John Nepomucen
Cooks:  Lawrence, Martha
Coppersmiths:  Maurus
Cosmas and Damian:  Pharmacists, Physicians, Surgeons
Crispin and Crispinian:  Shoemakers
Cuthbert:  Sailors

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Dairy Workers:  Brigid of Ireland
David:  Poets
Dentists:  Apollonia
Dismus:  Prisoners
Dominic:  Astronomers
Dominic Savio:  Young Boys
Dunstan:  Blacksmiths, Goldsmiths, Jewelers, Locksmiths, Musicians

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Ecologists:  Francis of Assisi
Eligius:  Jewelers, Metalworkers
Elizabeth of Hungary:  Bakers
Elmo:  Sailors
Engineers:  Ferdinand III
Erasmus:  Sailors
Eulalia:  Sailors
Eustachius:  Hunters

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Farmers:  George, Isidore
Ferdinand III:  Engineers
Fiacre:  Gardeners
Firefighters:  Florian
Fishermen:  Andrew
Florian:  Firefighters
Florists:  Therese of Lisieux
Four Crowned Martyrs:  Sculptors
Frances Xavier Cabrini:  Immigrants
Francis De Sales:  Authors, Journalists, Writers
Francis of Assisi:  Ecologists

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Gabriel:  Messengers, Postal Workers, Radio Workers
Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother:  Clerics, Youth
Gardeners:  Adalhard Trypho, Fiacre, Phocas of Sinope
Genesius:  Lawyers, Printers, Secretaries, Stenographers
George:  Farmers, Soldiers
Gerard Majella:  Mothers
Glassworkers:  Luke
Goldsmiths:  Dunstan, Anastasius
Gravediggers:  Anthony of Egypt
Gregory I "The Great":  Musicians, Singers, Teachers
Grocers:  Michael

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Hairdressers:  Martin De Porres
Homemakers:  Anne
Homobonus:  Tailors
Hubert:  Hunters
Hunters:  Hubert, Eustachius

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Ignatius of Loyola:  Soldiers
Immigrants:  Frances Xavier Cabrini
Innkeepers:  Amand, Martha
Isidore:  Farmers, Laborers
Ivo:  Lawyers

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James:  Laborers
Jean-Baptiste De La Sale:  Teachers
Jean-Baptiste Vianney:  Priests
Jerome:  Librarians, Scholars
Jewelers:  Eligius, Dunstan
Joan of Arc:  Soldiers
John Berchmans:  Altar Boys, Youth
John Bosco:  Laborers
John Chrysostom:  Preachers
John of God:  Booksellers, Nurses, Printers
John Nepomucen:  Confessors
Joseph:  Carpenters, Workers
Joseph Cafasso:  Prisoners
Joseph of Cupertino:  Aviators
Journalists:  Francis De Sales
Justin:  Philosophers

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Laborers:  Isidore, James, John Bosco
Lawrence:  Cooks
Lawyers:  Ivo, Genesius, Thomas More
Librarians:  Jerome
Locksmiths:  Dunstan
Louise De Marillac:  Social Workers
Luke:  Artists, Brewers, Butchers, Glassworkers, Notaries, Painters, Pharmacists, Physicians, Surgeons

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Maids:  Zita
Mariners:  Michael, Nicholas of Tolentino
Mark:  Notaries
Martha:  Cooks, Innkeepers, Servants
Martin De Porres:  Hairdressers
Martin of Tours:  Soldiers
Matthew:  Bankers, Tax Collectors
Maurus:  Coppersmiths
Messengers:  Gabriel
Metalworkers:  Eligius
Michael:  Grocers, Mariners, Police Officers, Radiologists
Monica:  Mothers
Mothers:  Monica, Gerard Majella
Motorists:  Christopher
Musicians:  Gregory the Great, Cecilia, Dunstan

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Nicholas:  Pawnbrokers, Sailors
Nicholas of Myra:  Brewers, Brides, Children
Nicholas of Tolentino:  Mariners
Notaries:  Luke, Mark
Nurses:  Camilus of Lellis

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Our Lady of Loreto:  Aviators

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Painters:  Luke
Pantaleon:  Physicians
Paula:  Widows
Pawnbrokers:  Nicholas
Peter of Alcantara:  Watchmen
Pharmacists:  Cosmas and Damian, Luke, Raphael
Philosophers:  Justin
Phocas of Sinope:  Gardeners
Physicians:  Pantaleon, Cosmas and Damian, Luke, Raphael
Plasterers:  Bartholomew
Poets:  David, Cecilia
Police Officers:  Michael
Porters:  Christopher
Postal Employees:  Gabriel
Preachers:  John Chrysostom
Priests:  Jean-Baptiste Vianney (Cure D'Ars)
Printers:  Genesius, John of God, Augustine of Hippo
Prisoners:  Dismus, Joseph Cafasso

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Radiologists:  Michael
Radio Workers:  Gabriel
Raphael:  Nurses, Pharmacists, Physicians, Travelers

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Sailors:  Cuthbert, Brendan, Eulalia, Christopher, Erasmus, Nicholas, Elmo
Scholars:  Brigid of Ireland, Bede, Jerome
Scientists:  Albertus Magnus
Sculptors:  Four Crowned Martyrs
Sebastian:  Authors, Soldiers
Secretaries:  Genesius
Shoemakers:  Crispin and Crispinian
Silversmiths:  Andronicus
Singers:  Gregory I "the Great", Cecilia
Social Workers:  Louise De Marillac
Soldiers:  George, Ignatius of Loyola, Sebastian, Martin of Tours, Joan of Arc
Stenographers:  Genesius
Stephen:  Bricklayers, Stonemasons
Stonecutters:  Cassian
Stonemasons:  Clement I, Stephen
Students:  Thomas Aquinas
Surgeons:  Cosmas and Damian, Luke

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Tailors:  Homobonus
Tax Collectors:  Matthew
Teachers:  Gregory the Great, Jean-Baptiste De La Salle
Theologians:  Augustine, Alphonsus Liguori
Therese of Lisieux:  Aviators, Florists
Thomas Aquinas:  Students
Thomas the Apostle:  Architects
Thomas More:  Lawyers
Travelers:  Anthony of Padua, Nicholas of Myra, Christopher, Raphael

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Vincent Ferrer:  Builders

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Watchmen:  Peter of Alcantara
Widows:  Paula
Workers:  Joseph
Writers:  Francis De Sales

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Young Boys:  Dominic Savio
Young Girls:  Agnes
Youth:  Aloysius Gonzaga, John Berchmans, Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother.

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