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Patron Saints of Special Groups

Saints usually become patrons of countries, professions, and special needs through popular devotion rather than by any official designation. They may be closely associated with the history of a country, or have been engaged in some form of work associated with a particular profession, or have performed certain ministries or healings related to special needs.

Animals:  Francis of Assisi
Arts:  Catherine of Bologna
Charitable Societies:  Vincent de Paul
Church:  Joseph
Crops (Protector of):  Ansovinus
Eucharistic Congress and Societies:  Paschal, Baylon
Expectant Mothers:  Raymond Nonnatus
Greetings:  Valentine
Hospitals:  Camilus of Leillis, John of God, Jude
Missions (Foreign):  Francis Xavier, Therese of Lisieux
Missions (Parish):  Leonard, Casanova
Retreats:  Ignatius Loyola
Schools (Catholic):  Thomas Aquinas, Joseph Calasanz
Television:  Clare of Assisi
Universities:  B. Contardo Ferrini
Vocations:  Alphonsus Liguori

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