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This is the text-only/accessible version of Exploring the Middle Ages.

Welcome to Mostly Medieval, where flights of fancy and whimsy stand as equals among the annals of history. The majority of the information contained in these pages is the result of research undertaken prior to and continued during the writing of a novel set in 13th century Scotland.

Here you will find information on several aspects of life in Britain during the Middle Ages.

Ballads Presented in their original dialect with a synopsis provided in modern American English.

Beasties Fabulous beasts in myth and legend from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales.

Book of Days Holy days and festivals presented in monthly calendars.

God and War Monastic orders, The Celtic church, patron saints and more.

Heraldry A brief introduction to heraldry with a glossary of common terms.

Medicine Medieval medical practitioners, texts, medicinal plants and remedies.

A navigation menu appears on each page; an alternate means of navigating to the main sections is with access keys.

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