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Warkworth Castle, Northumberland, England, ˆ Susan Wallace, 2000
Welcome to Exploring the Middle Ages, where flights of fancy and whimsy stand as equals among the annals of history.

Here you will find information on heraldry, myths and legends, religion, medicine, and other aspects of life in Britain during the Middle Ages.

Exploring the Middle Ages

Love, war, heroic deeds and more in original dialect.
  Explore Ballads
Fabulous beasts in myth, legend and heraldry.
  Explore Beasties
Book of Days
Book of Days
Monthly calendars of festivals and holy days.
  Explore Book of Days
God and War
God and War
Monasteries, the Celtic church and more.
  Explore God and War
Heraldry section
Origin of heraldry, common terms and more.
  Explore Heraldry
Medicine section
Herbs, practitioners, remedies and more.
  Explore Medicine